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Michaela Kauer

Michaela Kauer, director at the Brussels Office of the City of Vienna, has a long work experience with the City of Vienna, where she occupied different posts, starting in 1992 as spokesperson of the City Councillor for Housing and Urban Renewal. She moved on to the cabinet of the City Councillor for Women´s Rights, Integration and Consumer Protection for more than 10 years and became head of the cabinet of the City Councillor for Health and Social affairs in 2005 until 2009.

Vienna´s Brussels Office has a leading role in the city´s EU affairs with a strong focus on public services – especially in water, waste, energy, mobility and housing, public investments and urban policy. Michaela Kauer represents Vienna in the Executive Committee of EUROCITIES and works closely with the Committee of the Regions. She was one of two coordinators of the EU Urban Partnership on Affordable Housing from 2015-2018 and is still in the lead of the implementation actions together with stakeholders and cities.

Her academic background is with international public management, she regularly publishes on urban, housing and gender policy and teaches in academia, amongst other at the University of Vienna and the University of Applied Studies in Burgenland. Currently, she serves as a member of the Steering Group of the European Housing Forum and the Steering Committee of the UN Habitat and Urban Economy Forum for the 2nd World Summit on Habitat in Towns.


Twitter: @MichaelaKauer

Michaela Kauer: Bio
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