Winners' videos

Watch below the videos produced by the Winners of each category for the 2016 and the 2019 editions.


The Kaleidoscope Project

Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, France

Public housing company Villeneuve-Saint-Georges OPH acknowledged structural challenges in the area and vulnerable residents in the community. They also recognised the need to evolve their decision-making processes, by involving tenants more fully, in fact, by pursuing a “100% participation” policy. Practically this mean prioritisation of projects, exchange of ideas, conversational walks, participatory work-camp, amongst other actions.


Place -based anti-speculation housing policies

Barcelona, Spain

Public company Institut Municipal de l’Habitage i Rehabilitacio (IMHAB), as part of the forward-looking Right to Housing Plan 2016-2025, pursued “place-based anti-speculation housing policies” - which included, among other things, selective acquisition of privately-owned housing units, mobilisation of affordable housing through bilateral agreements with private landlords.


"More than a Roof"– An experimental way of renewal of a cooperative housing estate

Berlin, Germany

Housing Cooperative Berliner Bau- und Wohnungsgenossenschaft von 1892 eG pursued an experimental and innovative renewal of a 1970s social housing complex (from 1970s), which featured adaptations as well as additions/extensions (of modern apartments, ateliers, co-housing solutions for a variety of households), using innovative construction strategies, energy-saving technologies, improving accessibility, expanding common spaces, and supporting the self-organised community.


Power to the People – empowering the team to improve services

Torino, Italy

Public body ATC del Piemonte Centrale underwent a strategic repositioning of the organisation, which involved comprehensive training of 100 staff members, as well as redefining dialogue with stakeholders, implementing new procedural and managerial methods, and service-oriented approaches.


Alwel - “Leaders of innovation, agents of fair energy transition”

Roosendaal, Netherlands

Non-profit organisation Alwel – wanted to make “future-proof” their housing complex and so initiated a major energy renovation of 241 social rental homes. This involved numerous actions, including complete disconnected from gas connect, improved insulation and ventilation, increased comfort, decreased consumption, upgrades in lighting and window, new overall aesthetic following a design and colour scheme. However, it was the resident involvement and intensive collaboration (diverse mix, ca. 25 different nationalities, and 25 residents designed “floor contact person”) which was the project’s “most significant success factor”.


Special Mention | La Borda

Barcelona, Spain

Non-profit Cooperative Habitages La Borda SCCL spent 6 years pursuing a bottom-up organisational scheme in order to create a 28-unit housing cooperative, with low environmental impact and high community spirit. From day one, the residents initiated the design, funding, legal and economic decisions, conviviality schemes, with the help of social networks, surrounding neighbourhood and external expertise.


Goedkope Woning - Venning ECO-Life

Kortrijk, Belgium

European Responsible Housing Awards 2016 Winning Project in 'Local Social Sustainability' category.


ICF Habitat La Sablière - 'Innovative coupling vs Energy Precariousness'

Paris, France

European Responsible Housing Awards 2016 Winning project in the category 'Environmental Sustainability'.


Gewobag - ‘Vocational Training key for refugee integration’

Berlin, Germany

European Responsible Housing Awards 2016 Winning project in the category 'Responsible Human Resources Management'.


Shepherds Bush Housing Group - The Big Conversation

London, UK

European Responsible Housing Awards 2016 Winning project in the category 'Good Governance and Fair Relations with Stakeholders'.