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Eddie Jacquemart

Eddie Jacquemart is forty-nine years old. Born in Dunkirk, he remains attached to his region of the North and its folklore.

The son of a docker and a shopkeeper, he has made the fight against social inequalities the main focus of his commitment.

His involvement in the CNL (Confédération Nationale du Logement) began in 1995 when he set up a housing association in the suburbs of Lille. Alternately treasurer and then President of the CNL Federation of the North, he joined the National Administrative Commission in 2000 and became a member of the Confederal Bureau in 2009. In 2013, he was elected National President of the CNL.

Since 2009, Eddie Jacquemart has also represented the CNL on the Bureau of the IUT (International Union of Tenants).

 Having held all these positions on a voluntary basis, he is very committed to the defence and promotion of the status of the elected social representative.

A qualified chartered accountant, Eddie Jacquemart worked in a law firm for more than ten years before becoming financial advisor to a large federation of associations in the medical and social sector. He has also led professional training courses in accounting.

Eddie Jacquemart: Bio
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