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The European Responsible Housing Awards 2022: the finalists for Helsinki announced!


About us

The European Responsible Housing Initiative (ERHIN) has been a project implemented by DELPHIS, Housing Europe and the International Union of Tenants, co-funded by the European Commission (DG Enterprise).

The project was carried out between April 2013 and October 2014, with a view to lead the way towards better embedding CSR in the social housing sector, through awareness-raising, transfer of knowledge and tools and stakeholder dialogue at European level.Since then, the consortium kept the Initiative alive organising the 2016 and the 2019 editions of the European Responsible Housing Awards.

The next edition is in the making and we would be happy to have you on board.

The final ceremony of the European Responsible Housing Awards will take place in Helsinki (Finland) on 16 June from 5 PM to 8:30 PM, during the International Social Housing Festival (14-17 June 2022). The event will take in the Helsinki Central Library Oodi, Maijansali.

2022 Edition

The Categories of the Awards will be based on the Code of Conduct 

  • Fair financing for housing affordability

  • More than a roof – supporting communities of equal opportunities

  • Leaders of innovation, agents of fair energy transition

  • Building strategic alliances, fostering community participation

The 2022 edition includes a special prize for pandemic-related special solutions.

  • Going the extra mile in extraordinary circumstances

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The cornerstone
of the Awards

The European Responsible Housing CSR Code of Conduct

The CSR Code of Conduct guides and commits Responsible Housing providers to integrate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles into their business strategy and translate them into concrete practices. This commitment shall be monitored on a regular basis and in cooperation with the ERHIN partners.

The European Responsible Housing Declaration

Affordable housing providers agree on clear principles for long term investment in building construction and renovation, neighborhoods, human resources, and fair relations with stakeholders, notably the tenants.  Through the European Responsible Housing Declaration, housing stakeholders call for the development of CSR in public, cooperative and social housing.

The European Responsible Housing Roadmap

Housing federations can play a significant role in developing CSR, helping their members implement its principles. This Roadmap sets out a framework of the sector’s challenges and stakeholders, based on a shared understanding of CSR. It then identifies key priorities as well as examples of actions that can be taken by federations at regional, national or European level.

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2014 Edition

More than 70 projects competed and 25 were shortlisted in the first ever edition of the European Responsible Housing Awards

2016 edition

62 innovative ideas from 9 European countries were submitted in the 2nd edition of the Awards, while the Ceremony was held at the European Commitee of the Regions.

2019 edition

The 3rd edition of the Responsible Housing Awards saw a record-breaking number of 87 submissions across five categories from 16 countries. The ceremony was part of the International Social Housing Festival in Lyon.


"The concept of working together with the residents and the way in which the forms of communication were shaped and resident participation was achieved, are seen as the biggest success factors by all parties involved and were crucial for achieving sustainability for this big residential building!"

Non-profit organsation Alwel in Roosendaal, Netherlands
Winner in the category “Leaders of innovation, agents of fair energy transition (2019)


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